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----------------- Stitch Up My Emptiness -----------------

------------- 'Cause You're The Death Of Me -------------

Chase[ing] Star[s]


I am an obsessive compulsive with an overactive imagination.
I make up stories in my head, just like I was reading a book.
It never occurred to me until recently that I am pretty strange.
I am a loner and I have been for as long as I can remember.
I am a homebody, walking that thin line of being a total shut in.
I always try to make friends but they never stick, why, I don't know.
I have been with my husband sense I was 16.
I have the strangest three year old son ever, he may be to much like me.
I also have four cats, five dogs, and two goats, yes it is a mad house.
My contemplation will be my downfall, if it hasn't been already.
I am notorious for seeing how a full glass will be half empty if I drink any.
My emotions are my logic. I am a contradiction to myself and I make nothing simple.
I always dreamed of having a girlfriend that fit into my life, I've become jaded though.
I have an affinity for Stars, they make anything instantly more appealing to me.
I maintain that cupcakes can make anything seem a little better, as do milkshakes.
I accumulate to much stuff, just because I can.
I'm quite possibly the most organized packrat you'll ever meet.
I collect retro toys, or just toys in general. Girly 80's have the most appeal though.
I would die without creativity, and will try to make anything once.
I have a deep appreciation for anything that isn't mainstream, but done with heart.
I've learned from life that the best things happen by accident, just like good pictures.


Me in a nutshell:
Abstract. Adaptable. Animal lover.
Bashful. Bemused. Bewitching. Bisexual. Bizarre. Bona fide. Breakable.
Careworn. Cautious. Committed. Contemplative. Content. Contrasted. Country. Crazy. Creative.
Dark. Depressive. Difficult. Dirty minded. Dork. Dramatic. Dreamer.
Eccentric. Effusive. Enigmatic. Escapist. Expressive.
Fallible. Far-fetched. Fastidious. Figurative. Frenetic.
Gauche. Gloomy. Guarded.
Hapless. Helter-skelter. Honest.
Imaginative. Indecisive. Insecure. Insightful. Intense.
Jaded. Jinx. Jittery.
Keen. Kinky. Kooky.
Lackadaisical. Listener. Loner.
Magnanimous. Maladjusted. Melodramatic. Morbid. Mysterious.
Necromancer. Nefarious. Negative. Nifty. Nocturnal.
Obsessive compulsive. Odd. Open minded. Organized. Overwhelming.
Particular. Pessimistic. Passionate.
Quaint. Quite. Quixotic.
Random. Resilient. Romantic.
Sarcastic. Secretive. Sensitive. Shy. Silly.
Taboo. Taciturn. Tangential. Temperamental. Thrifty. Timid. Trying.
Undefined. Undone. Unique.
Vague. Variable. Vivid.
Wary. Watchful. Weird. Wishful. Wreck.
Zany. Zealot. Zephyr.

3am text messages, aliens, ancient beliefs, ancient relics, anime, baking, baths, bisexual, black roses, blue, bookmarks, books, bubbles, buttons, calendars, candles, candy bowls, card games, care bears, cartoons, cats, cereal, chains, chap stick, classic trucks, clouds, coffee, colored mascara, colored pencils, coloring books, comics, conspiracy theories, cookies, creativity, crop circles, cryptozoology, decorating, dinosaurs, dirty jokes, diy clothes, diy jewelry, dogs, dragons, drawing, dreams, dressing up, earrings, egypt, eye shadow, fairies, flames, flowers, freaks, fruits, full moon, fun lamps, furries, fuzzy blankets, gardening, gel pens, girls, glow in the dark, goats, gothic culture, gummy worms, hair dye, halloween, handwritten letters, hearts, hello kitty, hot wheels, human psyche, interior design, irises, iron on decals, knit hats, landscaping, late nights, legos, lipstick, lists, long walks, love triangles, macabre, magic, magnets, marbles, matching underwear, milk crates, mirrors, morbid cuteness, moths, music, my little pony, nail polish, natural disasters, nature, notebooks, painting, paper bags, paranormal, photography, piercings, piggy banks, pillows, playdoh, poetry, popples, puzzles, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, randomness, reading, retro, rivers, road signs, rocks, safety pins, sale racks, sewing, shimmer, shoe boxes, silly words, skulls, sleeping in, snowballs, sour stuff, spell check, stars, stickers, strawberry shortcake, stripes, stuffed animals, sunrise, surprises, swings, taboos, tattoos, teddy bears, terry cloth, the 80s, thrift stores, tie die, toys, trees, vanilla, wine bottles, zodiac