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Join the Madness or get the Fuck Out

This is me. Some people call me Chase.

If my actual name is important, you can always ask mine and state yours.
If you read my profile you probably already know enough about me to be bored by now, if not, then you should see myspace there is a plethora of useless information about me, that no one cares about on there. I'm still facebookless.
I comment you, you comment me, it’s just good manners. I don’t expect comments on every entry, but I will not hesitate to delete lurkers. I do not just add people and keep them just to say they are there. I don’t really care if I end up with no one added, it’s better than having a lot of people that don’t talk to me.
I was uncool before being uncool was cool.


Below are the only three people you really need to know to keep up with who and what I'm talking about. If you even add me that is.
I hate feeling the need to always explain myself.


Meet David, my love, my life.

The only love of my life sense I was 16. We met in a bar, he kissed me and the world stood still, we moved in together three months later, married on Halloween when I was 18. The rest, as they say, is history.
He is the only person that has ever stuck by me, I can’t tell you why that is and honestly he probably couldn’t either. All I know is that I couldn’t face this world without the knowledge that he loves me
and that no matter what he will always be here to catch me when I fall.
We are total opposites, we disagree about most everything, and we love each other till death do us part and beyond. We work together, live together, we are virtually 24-7 together.
He really does complete me, by being everything that I‘m not.


Meet Brandon, my 14 year old bff.

Our birth givers that call themselves mothers, despite being far from decent at all that title entails, are sisters.
So we have ended up with similar damages.
Other than a handful of times in a year, he is my only ‘real life’ friend.
He gets to witness my sarcastic, spastic, painfully dorky side, and even when he doesn’t ‘get it’ he humors me because I know where he sleeps.
I just hope that he never outgrows my childish antics, that would be sad.
We live, we laugh, we bake cupcakes, and always put ice cream in our smoothies.
We accept there is no hope for us, there never was.


Meet Aristotle, made exclusively by me.

Born in 2006, even though I could swear those 37 hours of labor were only yesterday.
He is destined to be as odd as me. Entirely creative and imaginative, not to mention the most ocd little kid ever. He has been coloring and dancing before he could even walk, that is not an exaggeration either.
He is the master of sarcasm and fun quotes like “Candles smell like happy.” and “The moon is made of chicken dicks.”
He thinks unnaturally colored hair on people is normal at this point.
We are to hard on ourselves, we live in internal worlds, and we organize everything we come in contact with.
With every passing day, he only amazes and amuses me more.


Yeah, I made all the bad graphics.
So there you go.
Comment to be added, or don't.


Break me, shake me, hate me, take me on, because when the madness stops you will be alone.

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